Students are shown analyzing the pH of a solution with a Vernier pH probe. The solution will then undergo spectrometric analysis in order to determine the concentration of food coloring. These instruments were made possible from a SHORE grant.

The 2016/2017 grant proposal meetings will be held:

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 (6:30pm)

March 22nd, 2017 (6:30pm)

All grant meetings are open to the entire SHS community.

Please note that the executive board and SHORE members who qualify* will meet in privacy to deliberate the individual grants.

(*to qualify you must have come to one SHORE meeting; one Grant meeting; and have volunteered for one of SHORE’s fundraisers)

Grant Instructions:

Continuing its long history of supporting the Academic, Art, and Athletic programs since 1990, SHORE has successfully granted almost $1,000,000 to improving the education experience for students and teachers at SHS.

*Please note: these “grants” are for materials or activities that were NOT included in the school budget.

**Student initiated grants need to have a SHS teacher/staff as its advisor.

***Also, SHORE will not cover apparel for athletic teams.


Three easy steps to applying:

1. DOWNLOAD THE GRANT APPLICATION BELOW; fill it out; and HAVE IT SIGNED. **Athletic grants need AD’s and Principal’s signature. Arts/Academics need Principal’s signature only.  


2. SCAN the application with any applicable documents to You will receive an email back confirming receipt of your application.  

3. ATTEND our grant request meeting and be prepared to make a 5 minute presentation on your request.

Grant requests are not to exceed $5,000, unless there are special circumstances brought to the Executive Committee’s attention. Also, grant money must be spent within 6 months, with a three month extension granted on a case by case basis when necessary. Request for extensions should be made in writing to the Executive Committee.  

If you have any questions about the SHORE grant process, please contact any board member or email us at:  

GRANT APPLICATION:   Grant Application


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